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The Blacklist: What’s the Relationship Between Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Raymond Reddington with Mr. Kaplan
Raymond Reddington with Mr. Kaplan

As a fan of the famous American crime thriller TV series ‘The Blacklist‘, you must have come across the intriguing relationship between Raymond “Red” Reddington and his confidante, Mr. Kaplan. The show which is centered around the protagonist Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former US Navy officer turned high-profile criminal who surrenders to the FBI and helps them catch dangerous criminals.

Reddington’s most trusted associate in the show is Mr. Kaplan who has been with him through thick and thin. So, how did they meet and did their relationship stand the test of time?

The Beginning Of Raymond Reddington And Mr. Kaplan’s

Relationship On The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington with Mr. Kaplan

Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan’s relationship on ‘The Blacklist‘ dates back to when Reddington was merely a young naval officer. He was assigned to protect a wealthy family, the Krawczynskis, but failed when the family’s daughter was kidnapped and killed. Mr. Kaplan was then hired by the Krawczynskis to clean up the scandal and help Reddington start anew.

Since then, Mr. Kaplan became Reddington’s loyal ally, always helping him in times of need, alongside the criminal mastermind’s trusted bodyguard, Dembe Zuma. Responsible for cleaning up Reddington’s messes, Kaplan has been witness to the criminal underworld’s darkest secrets. However, he has a complicated relationship with Reddington, she feels betrayed and seeks revenge for her daughter’s death, for which Reddington is to blame.

The Twists And Turns In Their Relationship

Reddington and Kaplan on bridge

Throughout the run of ‘The Blacklist‘, the relationship between Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan undergoes many twists and turns. Although they used to be close associates, Kaplan feels betrayed by Reddington which creates tension between them. Mr. Kaplan also betrays Reddington, leading to a series of events that almost destroys Reddington’s criminal empire.

However, the two eventually reconcile, and Mr. Kaplan becomes an important part of Reddington’s gang once again. Despite their rocky relationship, the deep bond between the goes beyond business. The relationship between Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan is a complex and tumultuous one that keeps the audience engaged and intrigued while watching ‘The Blacklist‘.

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